Winter Service Package
AJ Cycle & Trike Conversions
30 Indiana St.
Jasper, IN

Service Description

Winter can be one of the harshest seasons on your motorcycle if proper care is not taken to ensure that your machine is protected. The most important thing that we do to your motorcycle is to add a fuel stabilizer product to your fuel. It not only keeps the fuel from deteriorating, it also stabilizes the ethanol so that it will not absorb moisture and creat corrosion problems. Also included in our winter service package is an oil and filter change. Used engine oil contains harmful acids and moisture that can damage internal engine and transmission components during storage. Lastly, our service department will perform a full safety and component inspection of your machine to confirm that it is in top condition and ready for continued winter use or storage. Price varies from bike to bike so be sure and call us to get your free winter service package quote or to set up your very own appointment today.