About Us

AJ Cycle and Trike Conversions has been serving Jasper, the surrounding communities, and the Midwest region for over thirty years. We provide OEM parts, aftermarket parts, and service for most major brands including BMW, Harley-Davidson®, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, Indian Motorcycle, and Victory Motorcycles.

We are an authorized dealer for Motor Trike and California Sidecar Trikes with new conversions and pre-owned trikes for sale. We have turnkey conversions for sale, or we can install a trike conversion on your motorcycle, built to your specifications. AJ Cycle will service any brand of trike, Motor Trike, Champion, Lehman, Roadsmith, Hannigan, or California Sidecar, regardless of where it was purchased. Our full service department of certified mechanics is here to serve you.

Helmets, headsets, riding gear, and rain suits are available at AJ Cycle, along with plenty of accessories for your bike or trike.

Call 812-482-3366 today for a quote on a trike conversion for your motorcycle, or to schedule service.